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Name: Miranda



Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius


Book:harry potter all of them

Song(s):anything from yellow card, story of the year and blink-182

Movie(s):any harry potter movie!!

Lyric: i dont know right now

Quote:"people suck"


Coloromg my bestfriend laura if thats what u ment


Homosexuality:im happy for those people


The Community:i dont know yet

Your Mod(s):i dont know you guys

Britney Spears:alright within reason

Rock:the best thing ever

Labels:not a good thing

Just Random Questions

Why should we accept you?becuse i am well me!

What do you have to say for yourself,in 7 words?funny, annoying, cool, and alot more

What would you do if I gave you $100 million?Why?lol. buy a house and a car and get a recording label for my friends band!  and then donate money to the aids community!

Where will you promote?the other communities i am a part of!:) i dont know what they are right now! sorry!

Please,post some pics.Not a certain #,but no more than 5.Thanks.umm i dont have access to any of my pictures right now but i think there is one on yay_or_nay and the opening of my journal sorry about that!


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I vote yes.Mainly because we need members.But I also like your answers,well most of them.So anyways,yes.

Since the other mods are off at band camp for 2 weeks,I'm the only one.Let me get the stamp.

Also tell EVERYONE to join.Please.I'll love ya forever.;)
thanx and yeah im advertising for this community sont worry
band camp gave me the week end off...

+labels anwser

i like your app, but i just wish you coudl have explained yourself...anyywayyy...i think YES!