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Name: Carissa

Age:15 almost 16 woop de woop


Zodiac Sign:Leo


Book:A boy called "it"

Song(s):hm this is so hard *taps fingers on desk* there are to many to chose from..

Movie(s):Finding Nemo..yees i am a loser..this is why i belong here haha

Lyric: These are the most effing difficult questionssssss..i will make my own lyrics..dun dun dunn "kiss my arse lalala kiss my arse lalala"

Quote: "i have to peeee"

Person: Christ..she is a real person..her actual name is Christine..but u kno..


Homosexuality: not for me..but people can do as they wish

Bush: does NOT suck..i think he is a good president actually

The Community: matches me a loser haha

Your Mod(s): hm if i knew who it was..i would let u kno haha

Britney Spears: ah die!

Rock: yEAh-ya

Labels: i will do us all a favor and peel the labels off of all of us woop de woop

Just Random Questions

Why should we accept you? Because..dane cook is awesome and cuz that would be mean for u to reject me haha

What do you have to say for yourself,in 7 words? i am very very very random. period.

What would you do if I gave you $100 million?Why? i would ask u what bank u robbed..then i would do a cartwheel..jump up and down..thennn i would ponder over what i would do over a glass of lemonade..oh yea..and WHY would YOU give me all that money anyway..trying to get me busted aye? but if i get the money i will take the heat for you dun dun dunnn

Where will you promote? um journal..and i told my friend justin to join sense we are both losers :)

Please,post some pics.Not a certain #,but no more than 5.Thanks <--i hate pictures!!!!!!! but..there is a pretty picture of my sister in my icon..her name is out for her.

hm that was fun..i want to be asked moreeeeee only because i have no life.
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