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Im so bored

you do not understandddddddddddddddddd

I have 4 new misquito bites thanks to the lovely justin for making me stand outside. poophead.

Im hungry

im thirsty

i want it to be august 6th mother effer

i wanna go back to the park

i wanna be able to take good pictures and not look like a sykopath everytime hahaha

i want all my friends to be darn happy

i want to move the toilet next to me choking..please hold while i get a drink

hm so im back after 10 min and i made myself PB&J it is amazing

mMmMmMm oh snap

i have NO life. awesome!

i want to be a fuzzy fish sooooo effing bad

i love burger king

today my scale told me i weigh 108 then 100 then 74.5 pounds..awesome..this was in a time amount of 5 min. my scale has gone coocoo for cocopuffs man
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