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Hey y'all. I'm surprised noone's left the community. We suck so much ass. Haha. Of course in a good way. So anyways. 3 of us mods are starting school Monday, and so I'm sure it's up to y'all to update and keep the community going. Tell people to join, force them and rape them if it's a must. We need people!!!

I'll give a cookie to the next person who joins and their recruiter. Just 'cos I love yoo.

Umm yeah. I'm having a crappy day. After orientation, I just decided to let go and cry in my pillow. Which may I say smells wonderfully of scents such as Biolage shampoo, lavender, and laundry smell. I loooove it. Yeah.

Also, people. If yoo hae AIM, please post yoore s/n, whether yoo make yoore own damn post or comment to this one. I really could give a rat's ass. Either way, put it on here. Thanks.

Love yoo all. .::Mod-Meg::.
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